I move through urban and rural spaces. I collect textures, forms, and silhouettes to use in my paintings, feeling as if I am navigating languages written by others, taking notes in order to create my own. Cities are palimpsests of other's imagined ideas, collapsing time into a non-linear history, an assembly of anachronisms.  I am intrigued by the way cities function like huge living bodies.  Electricity, sewage, water, gas and humans are pumped through the dense flesh of cement, metal and dirt.

     Mimicking the behavior of an organic system, cities constantly expand, decay, layer, and grow over their own detritus.  These agglomerations flex and curve against time and gravity to create continuously shifting fields of activity. “A Movable Feast”, by Ernest Hemingway, is a memoir of his experiences in Paris in the 1920s.  The way Hemingway walked the city then wrote about his every day life, work ethic, and artistic practice has become a great inspiration for me.  These pieces represent collections of my meditations on space and time.

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